Junior Tennis

Junior Tennis 2023 Summer Program

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Sessions #1June 12th - June 28th
Sessions #2July 5th - Jully 21st
Sessions #3July 24th - August 9th

Tiny Tots - Ages 4-79am-9:45am$96 per session
Swingers - Ages 8-1210am-11am$120 per session
Hitters - Ages 13-1811am-Noon$120 per session


$35 - 1 hour individual lesson

$25 - 1 hour group lesson (2-3 people)

Lessons are taught by Head Tennis Pro Ben Conklin
and Assistant Tennis Pro Chris Grainger

For questions, please contact Jeff Ellingson at jellingson@thelegendatbergamont.com

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